Strong Relationship

We support the dynamic relationships between developers, engineers, inspectors, and maintenance owners that interact with the design, accordance, and timely completion of master planned communities.  The Pipeline Company has experience in a variety of utility infrastructure services. We estimate thorough project bids and combine them with expert recommendations to maximize each project’s potential. We manage scheduling among the supply chain and guarantee timely completion, quality control testing, and on-site job safety.

Emergency ServicesWater MainSewerStorm DrainFirelineIrrigation
Emergency Services
The Pipeline Company team consistently plans, trains and exercises our skills to enhance capabilities and respond quickly to emergency situations. We understand pipeline incidents affect entire communities and are prepared to react fast in order to keep transportation systems safe. We build strong relationships with other community stakeholders to ensure lines of communication stay open and alert in high priority situations and challenges.
Water Main

At The Pipeline Company we install and replace water mains on commercial and residential properties. Our experienced employees evaluate every property’s access, depth and location in order to formulate an accurate estimate for the requested job. We also advise clients on any necessary steps that need to take place before we work can begin to ensure a timely delivery of services.


The Pipeline Company provides full service installation, maintenance and repair services to sewer systems around Arizona. We understand the complexity of installing and maintaining a sewer line and are equipped to provide quality workmanship and get the job done on time. We are knowledgeable on required permits and local building codes to ensure the process is straightforward and successful.

Storm Drain

Proper drainage systems are crucial in preventing flooding caused by excessive rainstorms. Storm drains play a key role in the infrastructure of an area by accommodating heavy rain. The Pipeline Company evaluates an area and installs underground storm drainage systems that enable proper water filtration during a bad storm. Our storm sewers drain water from flooded streets, parking lots, roofs and other affected areas.


Firelines are important to public safety, as they are the initial defense mechanism against fires. The Pipeline Company provides underground fire lines that utilize municipal water mains to feed commercial and residential properties. Our expert works ensure appropriate methods are used and testing takes place to ensure pipe joints are correctly installed to restrain against high levels of water pressure.


The Pipeline Company services irrigation systems for large facilities, business, and homeowners. Our team is familiar with grass and soil types, allowing us to recommend an efficient irrigation system for your property. We determine water pressure, water meter size and flow rate in order to map a sprinkler system and plan the coverage it will generate. Our quality grade pipes guarantee a successful irrigation that lasts far into the future.